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  • University provides free Internet access and library resources!
  • Electronic library with free Internet access and up-to-date facilities for holding international video conferences is at the faculty and students’ disposal.
  • Library stock comprises scientific and teaching materials on economics, business, finances, accounting and law and necessary technical facilities as well. Library stock includes about 300 thousand books by Russian and foreign authors; periodical stock includes more than 260 titles of magazines and newspapers.
  • The following library services are partially automated: acquisition, new materials processing, subscription to periodicals, electronic catalogue of books (more than 6000 records) and articles from periodicals (more than 30000 records), etc. Local library network is included into the net of the university which unites computer classes, departments and other subdivisions of the university. It provides an overall access to library resources and hot link.

Library is located on the first and the second floors of university.



The dormitory of Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law is available for international students. It is located in five minutes ride from the university. Rooms in the dormitory are two or three – occupancy.


The following activities are prohibited:

1) smoking inside the building;
2) drinking of alcoholic beverages;
3) violence, gambling and other noisy and or excessively boisterous behavior;
4) keeping pet;
5) bringing in and using dangerous items, for example, flammable goods and equipment;
6) activities which disrupt other residence;
7) inviting or encouraging students of the opposite gender to visit your rooms;
8) lodging other people.

Notification of Departure

Prior to leaving the dormitory the International Relations Department should be notified at least 14 days before.

Expulsion Order

Residents violating the above mentioned rules and regulations will be subject to eviction.

Medical Help (Campus Clinic)

There is a campus clinic available during office hours. It is located on the first floor in the building near the dormitory.


A nice canteen located on the first floor of the гтшмукышен is at students’ disposal.
You can find there European and Russian traditional cuisine at a low price.
Students are allowed to cook in the dormitory kitchen as well.

Markets/Cafés/Barber’s Shop and Internet Cafe

Several markets are located near the campus.
Fast-food restaurant “Golden Bird”, barber’s shop and Internet Cafe are located near the dormitory.


The nearest bus stop is 3 minutes walk from the university.
Buses № 8, 23, 21, 15, 49 will move you to the downtown.

Обработка персональных данных осуществляется оператором с согласия субъектов персональных данных на основании

Политика информационной безопасности информационных систем персональных данных

Положение о порядке обработки и защите персональных данных поступающих, обучающихся, участников мероприятий и их родителей (законных представителей)

Положение о порядке обработки и защите персональных данных сотрудников ХГУЭП