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QSWORLDWIDE 2018 themed “In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries”, 22-23 May 2018 in Moscow, Russia

QSWORLDWIDE 2018 themed “In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries”, is an international higher education conference that moves to different geographical locations within Eurasia and this year it is set to happen from 22-23 May 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

This prominent event is a community of practice that links Russia and the developing countries’ higher education to the world. It aims to provide higher education professionals worldwide with the unique opportunity to connect with the academics and government representatives of Russia; and gain insights on how universities in countries outside the West have been working towards the achievement of academic excellence through the implementation of a series of government-run initiatives.

The Russian Academic Excellence Project (Project 5-100) is one such initiative aimed at strengthening the nation’s position as an outstanding place for education and research, and to further improve its international competitiveness.

Register and be a QS WORLDWIDE delegate today! For more details on the conference, please visit our website.

Proposal Submissions

We also highly encourage academics to join this upcoming conference and discuss your ideas by submitting your proposals based on the following tracks:

Track 1: Strategies for University Excellence: Rankings and Beyond
Track 2: Building a Global University Brand
Track 3: Cross-Border Academic Collaboration and Faculty Internationalization

Submit your proposal in the form of an abstract not exceeding 150 words with a 150-word personal profile online via this link . A user guide is also available on the same page to help you navigate through our new Proposal Submission System.

Be a QS WORLDWIDE Exhibitor

Universities that are looking to broaden your reach effectively are highly recommended to take up a booth at the exhibition. Exhibitors will be provided with a conducive environment to promote your activities and have the opportunities to meet potential delegates who are seeking to create partnerships, improve services to students and explore opportunities for professional development. Click here for more info.

*Kindly note that many foreign nationals require a visa to enter the Russian Federation. Please register early for this event to allow sufficient time to complete your visa application.

The QS WORLDWIDE International Academic Advisory Committee and I look forward to receiving your proposals and meeting you in Moscow! 

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