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Международные конференции и научные публикации

Российско-Германские научные взаимодействия 2019-2020

The IX International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future"

The Forum has established itself as authoritative discussion platform that contributes to solving relevant issues of development of the Arctic at various levels via dialogue with civil society. Discussions are focused on Legislative regulation, Public administration, Interregional collaboration and (...)
- http://www.forumarctic.com/eng/conf2019/

The International Conference ICRES’2020

The Conference is dedicated to a fundamental problem of research education for schoolchildren – the transition from knowledge acquisition to independent production of knowledge in the course of a schoolchild-researchers development (the reproductive-productive transition). Key topics of the Conference: schoolchild’s personality becoming as a researcher, including the processes of (...)

- http://www.step-into-the-future.ru/node/1250

Russian-German Scientific Cooperation in the Arctic: Past, Present and Future
@Berlin Science Week

This event takes you to the Arctic and provides an overview of more than 20 years of Russian-German scientific cooperation, including the future perspectives. Organizer: Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, German Arctic Office of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, Potsdam, Germany, with support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berlin.

- https://berlinscienceweek.com/programme/russian-german-scientific-cooperation-in-the-arctic-past-present-and-future
- https://www.arctic-office.de/veranstaltungen/russian-german-scientific-cooperation-in-the-arctic-past-present-and-future/

Skoltech: The Brain of the Russian Silicon Valley
@Berlin Science Week

Skoltech is a young, private, world-class university established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that will present its profile, opportunities, and research highlights at the Berlin Science Week. Among the topics of the mini-conference are:
Skoltech: an Overview; Cultivating Digital Natives; Advanced manufacturing; Applications of Machine Learning; Photonics; Brain Lipidiomics.

- https://berlinscienceweek.com/programme/the-brain-of-the-russian-silicon-valley

Second Quantum Revolution: At the Interface Between Basic Science and Industry
@Berlin Science Week

Public lectures about the most mysterious, modern and innovative field of science: quantum physics. You will hear the public lectures on quantum technologies, quantum cryptography, magnetic sensors and others which are changing our present and our future right now.

- https://berlinscienceweek.com/programme/second-quantum-revolution-at-the-interface-between-basic-science-and-industry

Обработка персональных данных осуществляется оператором с согласия субъектов персональных данных на основании

Политика информационной безопасности информационных систем персональных данных

Положение о порядке обработки и защите персональных данных поступающих, обучающихся, участников мероприятий и их родителей (законных представителей)

Положение о порядке обработки и защите персональных данных сотрудников ХГУЭП