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TEMPUS Project Evaluation - Join our webinar on December 3rd

Project Evaluation - Join our webinar on December 3rd
Dear colleague,

You are currently involved in a Tempus project and as such you are facing the issue of quality assurance and the challenge to decide for appropriate evaluation measures and actors. As expert in the field of evaluation we welcome possible cooperation with you.

What is your experience with monitoring and evaluating project work?

We are intimately familiar with the European project world, and we see day-in, and day-out how the focus on short-term project aims, the pressure to submit documented deliverables, and the monitoring of bureaucratic procedures often leads project evaluation and quality assurance to degenerate into an artificial, frustrating and bureaucratic process to satisfy the funding body.

Imagine evaluation that makes a real difference!

What if evaluation and quality assurance:
... is cohesively integrated into the design and implementation of your project?  
... facilitates the opportunity to improve in an iterative learning process?  
... provides timely, critically reflected feedback and helps you to get a clear picture from different perspectives on what you do?
... leads you and your partners into constructive dialogues, inspiring you to think differently and do better?
European projects have the unrealised potential to pursue great opportunities, deliver great results and leave great legacies in local, national and European communities.  

We believe that good evaluation and quality assurance can support your project in achieving its potential!

We can develop, with you, an evaluation solution focusing on:

We can accompany you beyond the edge of your comfort zone, and show you how to ensure the initiative, pride and satisfaction in your project.

  Join our webinar on sustainable evaluation - 3rd of December, 2pm! 

Evaluation is more than focusing on achieving a desirable end-of-project status – it should look at ensuring everything is in place to enable a sustainable impact after the end of the project, and should evaluate the project’s realisation of a strategic Beginning of Sustainability Status (BOSS). This webinar will give you an introduction to achieving BOSS and discuss how evaluating for sustainability should - and can - be central to our projects.

Date: 3 December, 2.00 - 3.00 pm (CET)
To register please simply send an email to j.ziegler@dieberater.comPlease register by 26 November 2014. Your participation is free of charge.

Want to learn more?

To discuss evaluation possibilities with us – either as external contractor or integrated project partner - we would suggest getting in touch with the following people from our team:

Holger Bienzle has gained extensive expertise with European projects from different perspectives: as Austrian Grundtvig programme manager and advisor of project promoters, as external expert and evaluator for the European Commission and as manager of  many European projects in research and education Bienzle has been co-author on several publications and articles on European project management, networking and network management in education.
Area of expertise: evaluation of project management
p.talbot@dieberater.com Paul Talbot has practical experience working in prison settings in both administrative and educational capacities. Taking a creative and innovative approach to problems in the criminal justice sector he works with various international organisations in developing and evaluating new programmes and has access to broad networks in the field of prison education and the NGO sector. He is an expert on project sustainability and the promotion of long-term impacts from publically-funded projects.
Area of expertise: evaluation of project sustainability 
Franziska Steffen is a business administrator and trainer. She has been managing a row of EU projects and is experienced as internal and external evaluator. Her desire is to support project actors in releasing stored energies to realise the common project goal in accordance with the organisational and personal aims of the partners involved. Her second focus is on effective dissemination of EU projects and products. 
Area of expertise: process evaluation - evaluation of dissemination and PR strategy
Maren Satke has broad experience in managing educational projects with different target groups. She worked more than five years as a consultant in the field of project evaluation in social organisations, public institutions, private companies and on the regional level. She was the external evaluator for several EU - EQUAL projects. At die Berater® she is involved in a variety of EU projects as the coordinator or responsible for internal and external evaluation focusing on competence development. 
Area of expertise: competence development - formative evaluation and assessment methodology
Judith Galla has professional experiences in research, marketing and international project management. She is an expert in project management and evaluation, bringing more than eight years of evaluation experience of public programmes and projects at multinational, national and regional level. She focuses on participatory and learning-oriented evaluation using a broad set of skills and interests including facilitation, innovative evaluation tools and systems thinking.
Area of expertise: evaluation of networks - online surveys

We are looking forward to discussing your project ideas for the upcoming calls! 
Best regards, 

Holger Bienzle
Head bridges to europe at die Berater®
Wipplingerstraße 32/23-26, A-1010 Wien
Tel: +43 1 532 45 45 - 1162, Fax-DW: 1145
E-Mail: h.bienzle@dieberater.com
www.dieberater.com  www.bridgestoeurope.com

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