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The 25th Tri-U Joint Seminar and Symposium, 2018

Call for Abstract: The 25th Tri-U Joint Seminar and Symposium, 2018

About the Program

The three universities – Mie University (Japan). Chiang Mai University (Thailand), and Jiangsu University (China) – are the founder universities of Tri-U IJSS; and therefore, the event was named “Tri-University International Joint Seminar and Symposium”. Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) started to join this event in 2003 and has been participating continually since then. Due to this consistent participation and its good achievement the participating students have shown, IPB was accepted as the 4th founder university in 2009 and first hosted the 19th Tri-U IJSS in 2012. IPB was also successfully hosted the 23rd Tri-U IJSS in 2016. IPB student delegation swept 6 out of 10 awards in the 24th Tri-U IJSS 2017 in Mie University Japan.

This year The 25th Tri-U IJSS will be held in Chiang Mai University Thailand at 4-9 November 2018. This event offers young scientists and students a unique opportunity to exchange their ideas on the topics of Population, Food, Energy, Environment and new frontiers.


Full-time students of IPB (S0/S1/S2/S3) with the age less than 30 years old.
Students must be enrolled in IPB during this program.
Students submit an abstract according to the below requirement before the deadline.

Abstract Requirement and Submission

- Abstract must be from the research result (data from PKM/ PKL/ KKP activities are also eligible).
- Literature study will not be accepted.
- Abstract must be written in English (200-300 words).
- Title, student name, student ID, Department, Faculty, e-mail address and cellular phone number must be clearly indicated in the abstract.
- Topics: Population, Food, Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Society.

Please send the abstract to triu@apps.ipb.ac.id with the subject e-mail: TriU2018-name-studentID-Department-Faculty by March 30, 2018 at 15:00 at the latest

Financial Support

Registration fee and 50% of the flight cost will be waived for all selected participants.

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